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Donna Campbell provides caring and experienced legal counsel in family law matters. You may be concerned about your children or losing your home. You may be the victim of domestic violence abuse, or even accused of a domestic violence offense. Often, being able to support your family during this difficult time is of great concern. In these situations, you need the advice of a calm and steady family law attorney who can protect your rights and interests. Attorney Campbell is available for a consultation, which can be scheduled by calling her office.


A divorce, or dissolution of marriage, can be one of the most difficult and heart wrenching experiences a spouse can go through, especially when children are involved. It is essential to make sure you are properly represented in all matters pertaining to your divorce, including child custody and support, parenting plans, visitation rights, distribution of property and more.

Child Custody

In matters of divorce, absolutely nothing is more important than the children. A parenting plan will address these issues:

  • Residence – will the children live with one or both parents?
  • Can a loving, secure environment be created for the children in which all their needs are met?
  • Will food, clothing, shelter, school and after-school activities be provided?
  • Will they be physically and emotionally healthy?
  • Will the children’s best interests always be the primary concern?

Child Support

Finances are frequently a difficult topic in divorces. Will each parent contribute money toward the children’s support? How will this be determined? Will they be able to agree in child support matters? Are both parents willing to pay child support? These issues must be decided in divorce proceedings

Parenting Plans

Washington embraces the parenting plan, which is a way for both parents to come together in agreement in matters of custody, visitation, finances and other child-related divorce issues. As well, parenting plans will address present and future methods of decision making. Attorney Campbell has14 years of experience and a successful track record in the formation and execution of parenting plans.


Parents have the right to request a modification of child support. The parent must file the petition for modification with the court. A hearing will be scheduled. It is essential to be properly represented at the modification hearing, as court procedure must be followed. Attorney Campbell can help you with all aspects of your modification petition.


Unless there is a substantial reason to the contrary, it is desirable for both parents to be involved in their children’s lives. Indeed, the court wants both parents to contribute to their children’s lives whenever possible. In some cases, though, a parent’s presence is not desirable. If the parent is involved in unsavory or illegal activity, there may be reason not to be permit visitation. Discuss your visitation situation with Attorney Campbell.

Property Division

It is important to make sure that property is properly divided in a divorce according to Washington’s property distribution laws. This can get quite complex and requires the skill of an experienced family law attorney.

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Attorney Donna Campbell provides legal services in all aspects of family law and divorce. Attorney Campbell serves clients in King and Pierce Counties, the Snoqualmie Valley and elsewhere throughout the state. To schedule a consultation, call 425-888-8101.